Monday, January 16, 2017

Robert Lax | Color

Robert Lax
Florence, Italy/Lugo, Spain: Exampla/Exit, 1975
26 pp., 21 x 28 cm., cardboard folder, loose leaves
Edition of 125 signed and numbered copies

Twenty-six silkscreens by American poet Robert Lax (1915 – 2000), housed in a portfolio. The work appears at auction periodically, typically for around a thousand dollars.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

David Shrigley | It Wasn't My Idea tape

David Shrigley
It Wasn't My Idea tape
Copenhagen, Denmark: Flying Tiger Copenhagen, 2016
9 x 5 cm.
Unlimited edition

Packing tape adorned with the title phrase. From a series of recent notebooks, pencils and other stationary made for the Danish (deluxe) dollar store Flying Tiger.

“The nice thing about working with Flying Tiger Copenhagen is that they make things that everybody can have,” Shrigley says. They are very humble as objects and I kind of like the humility of those artworks. It is about reaching a very big audience with art objects and for them to be very accessible. You don’t want it to be an exclusive thing. You want it to be a democratic thing.”

- David Shrigley

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Hannah Jickling/Helen Reed | Sour Vs Sour Chocolate Bar

Hannah Jickling/Helen Reed
Sour Vs Sour Chocolate Bar
Vancouver, Canada: Big Rock Candy Moutain, 2016
16.5 x 6 x 1 cm.
Edition size unknown

Created in collaboration with Mrs. Wongs’s Division Six students of Queen Alexandra Elementary School (Anna, Cami, Celest, Charlotte, Coebe, Daniella, Danielle, Derrick, Edwin, Emi, Justice, Kim, Linden, Nicholas, Nico, Ruby and Tessa), the Sour Vs Sour Chocolate Bar is an edible artwork, depending on your tastes.

The confectionary mixes bitter fair trade dark chocolate with "cheap candy from the gas station nearby". It was the result of a three-month residency with the third and fourth-grade class, who "taste-tested a range of flavours and developed a miscellaneous vocabulary to describe them: sounds, shapes, words, elaborate fonts, synesthetic line drawings and emojis."

The students visited East Van Roasters, a non-profit specialty cafe and social enterprise of the PHS Community Services Society.  The cafe is designed to provide pre-employment training and work opportunities for the residents of the Rainier Hotel, an addiction treatment centre for marginalized women in Vancouver's downtown East Side. Here the students learned about organic ‘bean to bar’ chocolate before creating their own concoction with the EVR.

Their bar is "a clash of the tastes we’ve learned to see in opposition: natural vs synthetic flavour, adult vs kid desires, good vs bad choices, healthy food vs economic means." It's available for $8.00 CDN, here.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Rutherford Chang | We Buy White Albums

Rutherford Chang's We Buy White Albums project travels to the Verge Center for the Arts, opening tomorrow night from 6 to 9pm. The work - in which Chang transforms the space into a temporary pop-up shop whose sole purpose is to amass more copies of the Beatles' eponymously titled White Album - has been exhibited internationally, most recently at the Toronto Edition Art Fair.

Now numbering over 1,600 copies, Chang's collection of first edition White Albums are organized numerically and serve as a record of use and age. Many of the discs are warped and scratched and the iconic all-white covers (typically attributed to Richard Hamilton, who designed the insert poster) have accumulated scribbles and markings from previous owners, record 'rings', discolouration and mold, turning each album into a one-of-a-kind object.

Visitors can flip through the LPs and listen to Chang's recording of many of the records playing simultaneously. Or bring a copy to sell him.

The exhibition runs from January 14th to March 19th, 2017.

For more information, visit the Verge site, here.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Cary Leibowitz: Museum Show

I can think of no more-overdue a retrospective and monograph than the forthcoming Cary Leibowitz: Museum Show and accompanying catalogue. Formerly (and still periodically) known as Candyass, Leibowitz has been exhibiting his unique brand of the 'pathetic aesthetic' for over thirty years. Jerry Saltz, in the Village Voice, called him an "intermittently excellent sad-sack connoisseur of all things gaudy, queer, Jewish, and beautiful." Rhonda Lieberman, writing in Artforum, noted that "Few artists manage to be so sophisticated, so funny, and so real at the same time."

The exhibition takes place at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco, between January 25th and June 25th. Leibowitz' first comprehensive career survey and solo museum exhibition will feature over three hundred artworks from the late eighties to the present: multiples, paintings, works on paper and fabric. Also included is a new series of mitten-paintings. 

A hardcover catalog with newly commissioned contributions will be launched at the exhibition. 

The opening celebration takes place on Wednesday January 25th, from 6:30 to 8 pm. Remarks are at 7pm. 

The museum is located at 736 Mission Street, San Francisco, 94103. For more information, visit their website, here

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Lee Ranaldo | "Reminder"

Lee Ranaldo
New York City, USA: Self-published, 2017
2.54 cm diameter
Edition of 1000

A one-inch button with a hand-scrawled 2,864,974 - the number of votes Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump by in the popular vote. The buttons will be free at Ranaldo's upcoming shows, as supplies last. Or send a self addressed stamp envelope to (68¢ postage) to: REMINDER-2,864,974 VOTES, Ground Control, 20 Jay St. Ste 826, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

Ranaldo will be debuting new songs from a just-mastered new album, due out in May on Mute Records:

Jan-10 – Boston,MA – Center for the Arts at the Armory
Jan-11 – Providence,RI – Columbus Theatre
Jan-12 – Winooski,VT – Winooski Methodist Church
Jan-13 – Montreal,QC – PHI Centre
Jan-14 – Toronto,ON – The Great Hall
Jan-16 – Chicago, IL – Thalia Hall
Jan-17 – Louisville, KY – DREAMLAND (venue change!)
Jan-18 – Nelsonville, OH – Stuart’s Opera House
Jan-19 – Pittsburgh, PA – Andy Warhol Museum
Jan-20 – Washington, DC – Rock & Roll Hotel
Jan-21 – Philadelphia,PA – PhilaMOCA
Jan-22 – Brooklyn, NY – Park Church Co-Op

Peter Wegner | Remarks on Color

Peter Wegner
Remarks on Color
Berkeley, USA: Self-published, 1997
[unpaginated],  29.5 x 22.5 x 7 cm. [slipcase], cloth bound
Edition of 100 signed and numbered copies

A three-volume bookwork which explores a system of standard paint colours used by hundreds of paint and hardware stores across the USA. Inspired by Wittgenstein's posthumously published treatise of the same name, the books are Wegner's attempt to "explore the philosophical armature of his own project."

Volume 1, Color, features the artist's paintings of paint chips (below); Volume 2, Remarks, adds the code name and number; Volume 3, Remarks on Colour combines the corresponding codes and names. The books are printed with blind embossing and waterless offset-lithography on acid-free paper, wth 41 custom-tinted fade-resistant inks, and are housed together in a slipcase.