Saturday, October 22, 2016

/edition Art Book Fair: Paul + Wendy Projects

Marcel Dzama
Revolution Blues
Toronto, Canada: Paul + Wendy Projects, 2016
 2.5 x 1 3/8"
Unlimited edition

Paul + Wendy Projects began almost a decade ago, in 2007, with the silk screen Poster Making by The Royal Art Lodge, one of the last projects the collective made before disbanding. They followed with works by Jonathan Monk, Micah Lexier, David Shrigley, Kay Rosen, Derek Sullivan, Maggie Groat, Jon Pylypchuk , Jason McLean, etc. etc. - thirty-five now, in total.

At /edition Toronto they return somewhat to their roots, presenting works by the three core members of the Royal Art Lodge: Marcel Dzama, Michael Dumontier and Neil Farber.

The first is an enamel pin by Dzama, which is available at the launch price of $15 (later $20). Featuring one of the artist's signature images - a bat - the work is titled after a 1974 Neil Young song.

Additionally, they will be featuring a selection of self published works by Dumontier and Farber: Dumontier's the sky and the ground (for Remy Charlip) and the collaborative personal messages cards (one of which just arrived in the mail from Winnipeg, see post later this week).

Visit Paul+Wendy Projects at Table 12 from October 28–31, 2016 at Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Friday, October 21, 2016

⁄ edition Toronto

In advance of the 1/edition fair next week,  I will try post as many books and multiples as possible in the coming days from participating artists and publishers. Send photos and information to of works that will be launching at the fair.

Co-founded by Division Gallery Director Gareth Brown-Jowett and Magenta Foundation President MaryAnn Camilleri, /edition Toronto is "dedicated to the promotion of art book publishing, in all forms, while building an appreciation for artworks produced in editions of more than one."

The inaugural fair runs from October 28th to the 31st, concurrent to Art Toronto, Canada’s international art fair at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

 ⁄ edition is directed by Magenta Magazine editor and collector Bill Clarke. The advisory board consists of myself, Art Metropole curator Nasrin Himada, and the artists Paul ButlerCharles Stankievech and Danielle St. Amour. Co-presenters include Art Metropole and Art Toronto. Vendors include:

8/11 (Toronto, Canada)
Afterall (London, United Kingdom)
Akin Projects (Toronto, Canada)
Alicia’s Klassic Kool Shoppe (Toronto, Canada)
Archive of Modern Conflict (Toronto, Canada)
Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto, Canada)
Art Gallery of York University (Toronto, Canada)
Art Metropole (Toronto, Canada)
Art Works Consulting (Toronto, Canada)
BALZERI BALZERI (Toronto, Canada)
Blank Cheque (Vancouver / Toronto, Canada)
Brown & Dickson (London, Canada)
Bywater Bros (Toronto, Canada)
C Magazine (Toronto, Canada)
Colour Code (Toronto, Canada)
CRIT Paper (Toronto, Canada)
Critical Distance Centre for Curators (Toronto, Canada)
Dashwood Books (New York, United States)
Dunlop Art Gallery (Regina, Canada)
Ediciones Daga (Santiago, Chile)
ELLEPHANT (Montréal, Canada)
GuyGuyGuy (Toronto, Canada)
Hex Editions (Toronto, Canada)
Holiday Arts Mail-Order School (Toronto, Canada)
HOMOCATS (Brooklyn, United States)
HOTAM (Vancouver, Canada)
IMPULSE [b:] (Toronto, Canada)
Issue Press (Grand Rapids, United States)
JMS Press (Toronto, Canada)
K. Verlag (Toronto, Canada / Berlin, Germany)
Kunstverein Toronto (Toronto, Canada)
Magenta Foundation / Division Gallery (Toronto, Canada)
McIntosh Gallery (London, Canada)
Mercer Union (Toronto, Canada)
Middle Path Prints (Toronto, Canada)
Mondo Books (Tromsø, Norway)
Nicolas Fleming (Toronto, Canada)
Nothing Else Press (Toronto, Canada)
OKAY Collective (Toronto, Canada)
Open Studio (Toronto, Canada)
Other Forms (Chicago, United States)
Parasitic Ventures Press (Toronto, Canada)
Paul + Wendy Projects (Toronto, Canada)
Perish Publishing (Toronto, Canada)
Prefix Photo (Toronto, Canada)
Presentation House (Vancouver, Canada)
Project Gallery Toronto (Toronto, Canada)
Rare Photo Gallery (Toronto, Canada)
Ray-Ray (Toronto, Canada)
Robert Tombs / L’Arène (Ottawa, Canada)
Sagan Editions (Toronto, Canada)
Scrap Books (Toronto, Canada)
Seth Fluker (Toronto, Canada)
Stephen Bulger Gallery (Toronto, Canada)
Steven Beckly (Toronto, Canada)
Swimmers Group (Toronto, Canada)
The Canadian Academy in Rome (Toronto, Canada)
The Power Plant (Toronto, Canada)
Troy Gronsdahl (Saskatoon, Canada)
Wil Aballe Art Projects | WAAP (Vancouver, Canada)
YYZ Artists’ Outlet (Toronto, Canada)
Zach Clark (Oakland, United States)

Peter Norton Family Christmas Projects

The Peter Norton Family Christmas Projects posts continue this week on Tumblr, here:

Vik Muniz | Peter Norton Family Christmas Project

Vik Muniz
Santa Monica, USA: Peter Norton family Christmas project, 1999
32 cm diameter
Edition size unknown

A ceramic plate featuring an image of Muniz’s recreation of Caravaggio’s Medusa from the late 16th century, rendered in pasta marinara.

Available at the MoMA gift shop, for $250 US, here.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Printed Matter Emerging Artists Publication Series Winners Announced

Today Printed Matter announced the winners of their Emerging Artists Publication Series, each of whom will work with a designer and Printed Matter staff to publish their books in 2017. Recipients are also awarded a prize of $1,500.

Chosen from hundreds of applicants, the winners are:

Federico Pérez Villoro & Christopher Hamamoto - Futura (Reprint)
Gerardo Madera - Name, Thing, Thing: A Primer in Parallel Typographies
Isadora Reisner - Jaguar Group
Philip Iosca - Exquisite Corps

The jury consisted of Printed Matter staff with artist Sara Greenberger Rafferty and Brendan Dugan, the founder of An Art Service, a graphic design and art direction firm. The Emerging Artists Publication Series is supported by the Jerome Foundation and the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

Descriptions of each of the winning selections from Printed Matter's press release:

Federico Pérez Villoro & Christopher Hamamoto
Futura (Reprint)

This book is a reprinting of Futura, the seminal collection of concrete poems edited by Hansjörg Mayer, using a modified inkjet printer. Enhanced with a custom-made 3D printed mechanism (or machine prosthetic) that enables automatic manipulations to the printer’s encoder strip, the book reflects on the elasticity of words within a printed page and explores the relationship between meaning and reproduction techniques.

Federico Pérez Villoro (b. Mexico, 1987) is a New York based artist and designer interested in the critical spaces of design and the sociopolitical implications of communication technologies. He is currently doing work that speculates on notions of identity and language in the post-human era.

Christopher Hamamoto (b. USA, 1984) is a designer, and educator. He is an assistant professor at California College of the Arts, and maintains an independent graphic design practice. He is interested in how automation and algorithms effect social relationships and aesthetics.

Gerardo Madera
Name, Thing, Thing: A Primer in Parallel Typographies

Name, Thing, Thing: A Primer in Parallel Typographies will present an allohistorcial account of 15th century initial capitals and ornamentation by way of Rammellezee’s Gothic Futurist treatise and Leo Lionni’s Parallel Botany.

Gerardo Madera is a graphic designer living and working in New York City. He runs a small print shop called Common Satisfactory Standard and is Triple Canopy’s production associate.

Isadora Reisner
Jaguar Group
JAGUAR GROUP is an ekphrastic collage of archival materials concerning the jaguar diorama at the American Museum of Natural History. It dances between the gazes of muralist James Perry Wilson, his young protégé, the contemporary museum visitor, and the two taxidermied animals. Biography meets art critique meets love letter meets museum guide meets....

Isadora Reisner (b. 1994) is a writer and artist. She collects and reorganizes data in alternative and sentimental ways.

Philip Iosca 

EXQUISITE CORPS is a book of improvised compositions from deconstructed gay porno magazines. These are not centerfolds. These are the other men. The filler. The forgettable ones ferocious fingers flicked through on the way to the feature. These are the men who never made it into the middle of the magazine. They’re a lovesong to printed matter - a voyeuristic peek into porno and process.

Philip Iosca is an award-winning designer, visual artist and published poet. He has exhibited in California, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington, and internationally in Holland and Italy. Iosca graduated with honors from Rhode Island School of Design in 2004, with a major in Textiles.

Librairie Formats Closing

From what appears to be an auto-translated press release:

"Final closure of the bookstore formats
Montreal, October 20, 2016
The grouping of the centres of artists directed du Québec announces that it puts an end to the activities of the bookstore formats from 29 October next. This library, one of the last-born of independent bookstores, had opened its doors in January 2012 and to meet the needs of a clientele specialized in arts. She was located at 3th floor, 2-22, at the corner of st-Laurent-Ste-Catherine. Like the other independent bookstores, formats didn't realize the profits. The Rcaaq, manager of this project, therefore must put an end to its operations.
The bookstore formats has been in business for nearly five years after it was set up by Jean Lalonde and Patrick Vézina; its current booksellers, Marie-sweet st-Jacques, Danny Gaudreault and Marc Gagnon, had made him a unique place in Montreal And even in Canada thanks to a very professional selection of books always surprising, without compromise and sorted on the shutter. Formats was " the " Library of an entire community of readers, artists and intellectuals and " we were their booksellers ", exclaims Marie-sweet st-Jacques, who wishes to thank its clients " who have always shown interest And Enthusiasm, kindness and (sometimes) of patience ".
The Booksellers of formats if affaireront during the next few weeks to finalize all of the operations. They'll get in touch with each of the consignees, distributors and publishers in business with formats for the termination of contracts and the final payment of monies owed. Before, all publications in bookstore will be put on sale at a great balance of 40 % which will be held from Wednesday, October 26, to Saturday 29 October 2016 in opening hours as usual.
For Information: Bastien Gilbert, at 514 842-3984, ext. 225"

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Caetano Veloso and Augusto De Campos

A collaboration between the founder of the concrete poetry movement in Brazil, and one of the country's most celebrated composers. Hear the 1975 track here: