Thursday, April 23, 2015

C Magazine Posters

Earlier in the year, as part of the Villa Project, C Magazine produced a series of Risograph posters and distributed them free inside Union Train Station.

Pictured above are the complete set, on display at The Reading Room in the archives of the National Gallery of Canada, in Ottawa.

1. Dave Dyment, Los Angeles as Toronto as Chicago, 2014. Risograph on paper, front and back views, 15 x 10 in. Published by C Magazine /C The Visual Arts Foundation, 2014 (Toronto). Images courtesy Dave Dyment and MKG127.

2. Elizabeth Zvonar, Join The Resistance, 2014. Digital print on paper, 15 x 10 in. Published by C Magazine /C The Visual Arts Foundation, 2014 (Toronto). Image courtesy the artist and Daniel Faria Gallery

3. Kelly Mark, Thanks, 2014. Risograph on paper, 15 x 10 in. Published by C Magazine /C The Visual Arts Foundation, 2014 (Toronto). Image courtesy the artist and Diaz Contemporary

4. Vanessa Maltese, Drawing no. 23 2014. Risograph on paper, 15 x 10 in. Published by C Magazine /C The Visual Arts Foundation, 2014 (Toronto). Image courtesy the artist and Cooper Cole Gallery

5. Niall McClelland, Fuck It, 2014. Risograph on paper, 15 x 10 in. Published by C Magazine /C The Visual Arts Foundation, 2014 (Toronto). Image courtesy the artist and Clint Roenisch Gallery

6. Brad Phillips, Nuance or Nothing, 2014. Risograph on paper, 15 x 10 in. Published by C Magazine /C The Visual Arts Foundation, 2014 (Toronto). Image courtesy the artist and Jessica Bradley Gallery

John Murphy | What is Past is Prologue

John Murphy
What is Past is Prologue
Brussels, Belgium: Gevaert Editions, 2015
53 x 34.5 cm
Edition of 7 signed and numbered copies

Last Friday Gevaert Editions launched a new work by John Murphy, titled after a line from Shakespeare's The Tempest. The triptych includes an inkjet print with handwritten annotation, a bookwork and four minute film.

The work is available from the publisher, here, for 5.000 euros.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Fluxus Digital Collection

Last week the University of Iowa announced the launch of the The Fluxus Digital
Collection, an online archive of Fluxus works, many of which are Artists' Editions. The site features multiple views of classic Fluxkits such as Flux Snow by George Maciunas, Events and Games by Mieko Chiomi, Deck and Games and Puzzles by George Brecht,  Flux Time Kit by Robert Watts, Instruction No.2 by Ben Patterson, Flux Dust by Robert Filliou and the Flux Year Box 2.

The archive also includes bookworks, drawings, objects, correspondence, sculptures, invitations and posters by John Cage, Dick Higgins, Ken Friedman, Yoko Ono, Joseph Beuys, Milan Knížák, Nam June Paik, Shigeko Kubota, James Riddle, Alison Knowles, Dieter Roth, Eric Andersen, Takehisa Kosugi, Ay-O and many others. These range from the well-known (Ben Vautier's Postman's Choice card) to works that I was not familiar with at all, such as American Flag Samurai Hood by George Maciunas (here).

The collection is not beholden to any (apparent) strict criteria, so in addition to Fluxus works, there are multiples published by Vice-Versand and Hundertmark Editions by artists not involved with the group, such as Andre Thompkins, Mauricio Kagel and Gaybor Altorjay.

The works are part of the University's Special Collections, and were donated by artist Ken Friedman, who noted: “Video pioneer Nam June Paik organized the first art exhibition on the World Wide Web in 1994. Since then, Fluxus artists and composers have had a durable presence of event scores, images, documents, web sites, exhibitions, publications, and more. Some vanished when links broke and web sites disappeared. Others continue to overcome the limits of fragile artifacts that museums preserve by protecting them from people. The Fluxus Digital Collection brings works back to life, returning them to the world where they belong with a future as lively as the past.”

In addition to well-documented editions, the site includes PDF downloads and a bibliography of publications about Fluxus. The press release also promises that the site will continue to grow, with more artworks, writings and correspondence to come.

Perhaps the most intriguing inclusions are the works (or objects) not attributed to an artist, but listed as 'unknown'. Examples of these items are pictured above.

Visit the site, here.

Monday, April 20, 2015

AA Bronson | 'Ex Libris’ Bookplate

AA Bronson 
'Ex Libris’ Bookplate
London, UK: Tenderbooks, 2015
9 x 12 cm
Edition of 500

A set of five letterpress on cairn board with silver block bookplates, published by Tenderbooks to coincide with their exhibition of bookworks by Bronson and General Idea (see below post). The design of a silver 7-pointed star borrows the insignia of A∴A∴, a secret spiritual organization founded by Aleister Crowley. 

The bookplates are available to purchase for £15. Orders can be placed through 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Books, Pamphlets and Zines by AA Bronson and General Idea

AA Bronson's contributions to artists' books and multiples can hardly be over-stated. He has been the director of both Printed Matter and Art Metropole, and founded the latter with the trio General Idea, in 1974. He has produced countless bookworks, multiples, editions and other publications, both with the collective (who were active from 1969 to 1994) and as a solo artist.

General Idea produced 26 issues of their legendary FILE Megazine between the years of 1972 and 1989. It is considered one of the most important artists' periodicals ever published. Bronson also founded and directed both the NY Art Book Fair (2005 to present) and the LA Art Book Fair  (2013 to present).

A selection of book works by Bronson and General Idea is currently on display at Tenderbooks, at 6 Cecil Court, in London. Alongside monographs and artists' books are rare pamphlets and zines from Bronson's personal archives, with many available to read or purchase.

The exhibition runs from the 17th of April until Mary 23rd, and is open Tuesdays to Saturdays from 11 to 6pm. For more information, visit the website, here.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Curves of the Needle

Timed to coincide with Record Store Day today, at the Baltic 39 Project Space in Newcastle is hosting an exhibition of work which explores the vinyl record. The Curves of the Needle explores album artwork, the engraved groove, and the cultural significance of the record collection.

Titled after an Adorno essay from 1929 (or the Field Music song that borrows its name), the show features work by Sam Belinfante, Ralf Brög, Rutherford Chang, Graham Dolphin, Rodney Graham, Bruce Haack, Jandek, Philip Jeck/Lol Sargent, Jim Lambie, Christian Marclay, Jonathan Monk, Elizabeth Price, Eliane Radigue, Sun Ra, Jonty Semper, David Toop, and many others.

The exhibition opened on April 3rd and culminates in an evening of events for The Late Shows on Saturday 16 May 2015. Details for related talks, events and performances programme can be found at