Saturday, April 19, 2014

Friday, April 18, 2014

MOREpublishers have just released two new poster editions this week by Claude Closky and Yann Serandour (both favourites). They are released as part of the Exhibition Copy series, and both are available in small edition sizes (10 + 4 AP), signed and numbered for €150.00 each.

For more information, visit the site, here.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Joseph Beuys | Rose for Direct Democracy

Joseph Beuys
Rose für direkte Demokratie 
Heidelberg, Germany: Edition Staeck, 1973
2 x 2 x 13.25"
glass graduated cylinder with inscription, rose
Edition of 440 signed and numbered copies

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hot 100 Online Auction

The "Hot 100" online auction, with works by 100 "top, international, emerging artists" goes live today at noon. The auction, in support of the Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation (with aid going to environmental and humanitarian charities) features one hundred works, priced under  $10,000.

Artists involved include myself, Jon Sasaki, Roula Partheniou, An Te Liu and many others.

Visit the site here:

Bidding ends May 1st.

Yves Klein | Conférence à la Sorbonne, 3 juin 1959

Yves Klein
Conférence à la Sorbonne, 3 juin 1959 
Paris, France: Centre national d'art et de culture, 1959
12 x 12"
2 LP vinyl record set, gatefold sleeve
Edition of 500 numbered copies

A live recording of two lectures Klein gave at the Recorded at the Grand Amphithéâtre de l'Université de la Sorbonne (Paris, France): The Evolution of Art Toward the Immaterial, and The Architecture of the Air.

The two-disc set is increasingly rare with copies selling for between $650 US (Ebay, in January) and
$1123.00 US (Christies auction, last October).

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Joan Jonas to represent the US at the 2015 Venice Biennale

For more information, see the New York Times, here.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Athena Tacha

This is the last week to see Printed Matter's display of bookworks by Athena Tacha. The exhibition, which opened March 18th, closes Saturday April 19th. The presentation features a comprehensive collection of the artist's publications.

"The focus of Tacha’s practice ranges broadly. She examines abstract geometries, creates intimate narratives, and builds scientific records. The mediums Tacha utilizes are as diverse as her subject matter, and her talents as photographer, sculptor, author, designer and architect are evidenced in the diversity of publications she has produced over the past four decades.
Many of the works featured here are a part of Tacha’s pocket books series and present titles that read like poetry: Little Pleasures, Adolescent Loves, Different Notions of Thriftiness, Life’s Layering, Vulnerability, Tragic Cats. The accounts within each are meditations on a particular aspect of life, describing ordinary acts and phenomena such as scratching dandruff from the scalp, considering which groceries to buy in the supermarket, or the appearance of wrinkles with age. Tacha’s reflections bring to light the broader implications of these seemingly commonplace events, making allusions to the ecological, sociological, and political impacts of our personal choices and emotions and visa versa. Just as often, Tacha’s reflections stay within the intimate scope of the act or object described and leave the reader to draw their own conclusions.
In contrast to the psychological self-portrait developed in the pocket book series, Tacha also has produced a physical/physiological self-portrait throughout a series of artists’ books. Gestures, Expressions, The Human Body : An Invisible Ecosystem and Heredity Studies I and II examine the human body. These titles record variations of hand and facial positioning, genetic variation within nuclear families, and the diverse micro-organic fauna that live on and in the human body.
The more architectural, spacial and abstract areas of Tacha’s practice are exemplified in Dictionary of Steps, Spacial Disorientation: Staircases and Ramps, and Ten Projects for Staircases (Tacha’s first book, never before available through Printed Matter)."

- Printed Matter Press release